21 Aralık 2016 Çarşamba

Youtube Things

Hello Dear Reader,
In youtube there is a lot type of video. Most of them are just garbage i think(Ex. challange channels). Don't you think that youtube has started to be like instagram. Sometimes i just can see the people who are trying to show their life glamorous. Their channels full of vlogs or something near to be a vlog(I like vlogs but not like the way they did.). Bright and funny moments with cheerfull game songs at the background. "Life is just funny as games. Come and bring your gamepad with you!"

Yup, that's the meaning of the life.

The video top of my post is of course diffirent from those vidoes. It is from the creative part of youtube which i like. It is just a short animation but if you tried to draw only once, you can understand how hard to make an animation.

This video's owner makes vlogs too, i only watched a few but i liked them. Her vlogs are diffirent from others.

(Here is an ideal vlog song. Actually, i like this one :D )

The Girl

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