12 Ocak 2017 Perşembe

How Can You Cook Your Brain in Liquid Consistency?

I was watching Black Mirror for two days(I'm not sure of this sentence is proper). It has made my mind confused. Really, I haven't been watching something like that for a long time. This tv series about computer, television, phones and the other devices which have black screen and their probable effects on our lifes. Some of the effects are known or easy to consider but others are really strange, hard to consider before and also possible. Oh, God! It makes me sick. (There is an article which is about Black Mirror's second season's second episode at last of my post. )
Nowadays, I'm reading Phlip K. Dick's The Android and The Human. I don't know what my problem is but this type of dystopic things attract my attention for a while. Ugh. Really. One day, my brain'll flow from my nose. You will see.

A little spoiled but a good article: CLICK

The Girl

27 Aralık 2016 Salı

Just Ugh!

What's going on in our world? I can't really understand anything. People are lying continuously. There are too much fake news in the internet and also garbage fake knowledges. Some people believe and some of them don't believe of these. There are three groups which are don't like each others: believers, unbelievers and people who don't want to make a decision. There is no mistake being a person who doesn't want to make a decision. Why doesn't anybody get this?!

The Girl

21 Aralık 2016 Çarşamba

Youtube Things

Hello Dear Reader,
In youtube there is a lot type of video. Most of them are just garbage i think(Ex. challange channels). Don't you think that youtube has started to be like instagram. Sometimes i just can see the people who are trying to show their life glamorous. Their channels full of vlogs or something near to be a vlog(I like vlogs but not like the way they did.). Bright and funny moments with cheerfull game songs at the background. "Life is just funny as games. Come and bring your gamepad with you!"

Yup, that's the meaning of the life.

The video top of my post is of course diffirent from those vidoes. It is from the creative part of youtube which i like. It is just a short animation but if you tried to draw only once, you can understand how hard to make an animation.

This video's owner makes vlogs too, i only watched a few but i liked them. Her vlogs are diffirent from others.

(Here is an ideal vlog song. Actually, i like this one :D )

The Girl

19 Aralık 2016 Pazartesi

Hello Earthling!

If somebody would has been ask to me "Will you write an English post?", i would probably say "no". Why? I'm not enough good at writing in English. Speaking is meh but writing is a real troublemaker. In speaking the grammar is not a big deal but when the issue came to the writing my brain got red panic signals. My eyes always searches the grammar mistakes when i'm writing. For instance in this whole paragraph i didn't even feel comfortable. Probably there is a lot of mistake. Well, may be i can improve my writing by this way.
I'm an 19 year old, molecular biology and genetics student girl. My nickname is Karga ve Kız which means "The Crow and The Girl" in English. I'm interested in science, literature(any kind of book), art, foreign cultures(especially cultures of Japan and Scandinavian countries) etc. I'm not sure what will i write about. (My other blog(which is in Turkish) is nearly all about personal things. Not just like a diary but some of my posts are can be.) Well, we will see :)

(This song is one of my favourite Turkish song. Hope you like it too ^^ )
The Crow and The Girl
(In my other blog i finish my all personal posts with "The Girl" part of my nick. Sometimes when i write about art, i use "The Crow" part. This post is general so i've used the whole.)