27 Aralık 2016 Salı

Just Ugh!

What's going on in our world? I can't really understand anything. People are lying continuously. There are too much fake news in the internet and also garbage fake knowledges. Some people believe and some of them don't believe of these. There are three groups which are don't like each others: believers, unbelievers and people who don't want to make a decision. There is no mistake being a person who doesn't want to make a decision. Why doesn't anybody get this?!

The Girl

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  1. This situation is really annoying. Only for this reason I find myself saying that; 'Dude, where's the popcorn? Just continue guys, what the hell are you discussing. I will watching you here.' But, not always. I wish I could do it all times. Because, sometimes I want to sit back and watching people's nonsense, this give me the carefree world outside of movie.

    1. First comment of my new blog, yay! :D It is strange to talk in English with a Turkish friend :D Hi Riv :)

      Sometimes I just don't want to be quite but I know if I explained the issues deeply from my side, those big head people still won't understand anything...
      Are there any chance to leave this world without dying?

  2. I think it's a very complicated subject. Everyone thinks their minds are perfect. They force you to think like they think. It's really annoying. We have to accept only one thing. We have died enough. We should respect each other. Believers, unbelievers or whatever. We are living together and we don't want to hurt each other. do we?

    P.S.:Sorry my poor English I am trying my best :)

    1. OH! I didn't expect that somebody'll come and leave comment for my posts :) Good to see you here my precious :D

      We have close thinking way about this issue. I just don't understand these too much unnecessary efforts...

      P.S: That's the reason why I'm here :D