12 Ocak 2017 Perşembe

How Can You Cook Your Brain in Liquid Consistency?

I was watching Black Mirror for two days(I'm not sure of this sentence is proper). It has made my mind confused. Really, I haven't been watching something like that for a long time. This tv series about computer, television, phones and the other devices which have black screen and their probable effects on our lifes. Some of the effects are known or easy to consider but others are really strange, hard to consider before and also possible. Oh, God! It makes me sick. (There is an article which is about Black Mirror's second season's second episode at last of my post. )
Nowadays, I'm reading Phlip K. Dick's The Android and The Human. I don't know what my problem is but this type of dystopic things attract my attention for a while. Ugh. Really. One day, my brain'll flow from my nose. You will see.

A little spoiled but a good article: CLICK

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